Corona Virus reinfects Turkish Economy

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Having loosened the quarantine standards in summer, Turkey’s Covid-19 cases (Mind you not patients) exploded duly, compelling  citizens to return home due in September. Currently, eating out is the biggest concern.

During the spring peak  the epidemic, panic of the second wave made citizens abide by  quarantine rules, aiding the effort to combat the Corona virus.

Recent studies revealed that services such as eating and drinking out and going to barbershops begin to stand out as major concerns, potentially crimping consumption spending.

After a substantial  increase in the time citizens spent outside during summer,  the trend of self-quarantine increased with growing concerns, due to the surging number of cases as of September.

While 87 percent of Turkish society stated that they worried about eating out or going out for a drink, 54 percent declared they feel extremely worried about it.

Even though 3 out of 4 people say they feel anxious about ordering food deliveries, there was a recovery in home food orders compared outdoor eating and drinking.

Sidar Gedik, Ipsos (Market Research Company) Turkey CEO, who evaluated the research results, affirmed that as a society, a standard of not eating out unless absolutely necessary was being followed.

According to the 23rd survey results of the Corona virus Outbreak and Community Research conducted by Ipsos, those who casually leave their houses increased above 80 percent at first, along with the start of normalization, reaching a peak of 92 percent in summer period. Only 5-6 out of 10 people who went out during this period, went out for non-essential needs. With the beginning of September, “staying home” trend started again, and the rate of casually going out decreased to 84 percent.

On the other hand, there has been a serious decrease in the rate of visits to hair salons and barbershops, caused by fears of infection.

While 87 percent of the citizens still concerned about going to hair salons and barber shops, it is pointed out that these concerns will not disappear soon, due to increasing number of new cases.

After evaluating the results of the study, Ipsos CEO Sidar Gedik revealed, citizens did not prioritize non-essential activities like dining out or going to a hair salon during first weeks of the pandemic. Explaining that relaxation which escalated with coming of summer started to go away, Gedik added, “In the last weeks, there has been a natural increase in our anxiety levels. Therefore, we are observing an increase in the rate of those who stay home. More people are worried about eating out and going barbershops. As the number of cases returned to the level at the beginning of May, as a society, we gradually return to our default settings in the war against the epidemic.”


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Published By: Atilla Yeşilada

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