Corpera: Turkey ranks 9th in the world in confirmed cases, 18th in total deaths.

As of January 24, there are 2.429.605 reported cases and 25.073 deaths.

Turkey now ranks 9th country in the world in terms of confirmed cases, and 18th in terms of total deaths.

Government Statements & Measures

• Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on January 24, “The first part (6.5 million doses) of the second shipment of inactive vaccines, 10 million doses, will arrive to Turkey on Monday morning.”.

• On January 20, President Erdogan announced that the number of people who had the first dose of vaccine exceeded 1 million.

In line with the vaccination schedule prepared by the Science Committee, after health workers and pharmacy and pharmaceutical warehouse employees, the vaccination of those aged 85 and over against the Covid-19 is planned to be completed quickly. These citizens can be vaccinated at their homes or in health institutions by appointment, as is the case with citizens over the age of 90. If a severe allergic reaction occurs after the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, the second dose will not be administered.

• The restrictions on annual leave, unpaid leave and retirement procedures for healthcare professionals have been lifted as of January 19.

• Minister of Education Ziya Selcuk stated that they are planning for a comprehensive compensation program and signaled that in-person classes may start as of February 15.

• The flights from Brazil to Turkey has been temporarily suspended due to the increasing mutated coronavirus cases.

• CHP has prepared a report regarding the coronavirus vaccine in consultation with the experts from China, Sweden, America, Germany, and Turkey. According to the report, it was stated that 150 million doses of vaccine were needed for the whole country.

• Meral Aksener, the Chairwoman of the IYI Party, called the central government to disclose the details and timetable of the supply and administration process of the COVID-19 vaccine urgently.

Expert Opinion

• According to Hurriyet columnist Nuray Babacan, the authorities are discussing to ease restrictions as the number of coronavirus cases dropped by 60% in two months and the vaccination has started. Extending the weekday curfew from 9 p.m. to 11. p.m., lifting weekend curfew during the day, and switching to in-person classes as of March are being discussed, according to Babacan.

• All vaccines will be administered, wrote HaberTurk columnist Fatih Altayli regarding Turkey’s vaccination policy. All 3 million vaccines will be administered to 3 million people, instead of vaccinating 1.5 million now and in 28 days. These 3 million people will have their second dose from the second party that is expected to arrive in February.

5 million doses of BionTech vaccine are expected to arrive until the end of  April. However, Altayli wrote that failure to reach a full agreement with BiONTech was due to the company’s “zero-liability” policy regarding the short and long term side effects.

• Claiming that the “privileged” citizens were vaccinated in some university hospitals in Ankara, Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES) Ankara Branch Co-Chair, Kubilay Yalcinkaya said that the pandemic management is not transparent.

• Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK) Chairman Bendevi Palandoken met with President Erdogan on January 24 to discuss the issues faced by small businesses due to Covid-19. Palandoken said that a positive step is awaited from the next cabinet meeting.

• Science Committee Member Prof. Dr. Levent Akin said to Hurriyet columnist Meltem Ozgenc, “Restaurants and cafes should be opened only when the test positivity rates fall below 1%.”. Science Committee Member Prof Dr. Mustafa Necmi Ilhan suggested that the case number must fall below 2 thousand for the reopening. İlhan also said that the curfew restrictions may gradually be lifted if the case numbers fall to thousands.

Hurriyet columnist Orkun Un claimed that restaurants and cafes would be opened within a few days with strict measures if there was no major mishap.