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TTB President: Daily cases are over 60 thousand, this is ‘perception management’

Source: t24.com.tr

Turkish Medical Association (TTB) President Ms Şebnem Korur Fincancı and Deva Party Chairman Ali Babacan held a press conference regarding the latest Covid-19 case surge and the pandemic response of the government.

In his press statement, Chairman Ali Babacan underlined that, “There is no direct support for the tradesmen in Turkey, because the Treasury’s reserves are completely depleted. Opposition parties and professional associations want the best for our citizens welfare. That is why we need to fight shoulder to shoulder against the pandemic.”

Turkish Medical Association President Fincancı stated, “We proposed a complete shutdown two weeks ago, but no one listened. Turkish government needs to step up and take effective measure to stop the surge. Only closing business and imposing partial lockdown measures over the weekends are not based on science. These ineffective measures are only aimed for manipulating the perception of masses.”

Explaining that the pandemic is not just a health crisis, but a socioeconomic one, Fincancı added, “Turkey needs a strict lockdown, and government needs to provide financial help for the people who are affected in the meantime. Current number of cases are over 60 thousand, which is more than twice of the official numbers revealed. Turkey has failed to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak. This is not a management of the pandemic, but a management of perception. We have an obligation to protect human lives, this is our constitutional responsibility.”

Emphasizing the importance of working together, Babacan said, “We are in a situation where the real number of daily cases are kept even from the Science Committee. Also, it is obvious that the consequences of partial lockdowns are more severe. However, government does not have the budget nor the resources for a strict lockdown. Health worker organizations should to be included in decision-making processes. We need unity and transparency for such decisions that will affect the livelihood of 84 million people in this country.”


Translation: Cem Cetinguc


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