Turkey: COVID-19 shutdowns return

Following the AKP cabinet meeting President Erdogan held a brief meeting announcing the expected shut-down measures amidst the rapidly rising COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey.

The Interior Ministry will be issuing a decree later in the night detailing the fresh measures yet here the headlines from President Erdogan’s announcements:

  • A curfew will be applied between 10.00 and 20.00 hours on weekends so that supply and production chains will not be interrupted.
  • Schools will be closed and education will return to online.
  • The working hours of businesses such as shopping malls, markets, restaurants, barbers and hairdressers will be limited to between 10 and 20.00 hours. Restaurants and cafes will switch to delivery services.
  • The curfew restriction, which is currently applied for people over the age of 65, will also be applied to those under 20.
  • Cinemas will remain closed until the end of the year.
  • All sports competitions will continue to be played without spectators.
  • The smoking ban on the main streets and squares of our cities will continue. Provincial boards will be able to expand this limitation.
  • In public and private sector workplaces, practice of flexible working hours will continue.