Turks getting unhappier reflected by state figures

Deteriorating economic conditions, rising unemployment, higher inflation hence getting poorer by the hour; no freedom of speech, sliding human rights, lack of democracy and an ailing, politicized justice system…

Turkish Statistic office (Turkstat) announced the survey results of how Turkish citizens are getting unhappier.

While 52.4% of individuals aged 18 and over mentioned that they were happy in 2019, the proportion of such happy people dropped to 48.2% in 2020.  The peak of a happy Turkish society was reached in 2011 with 62.1% calling themselves as “happy”.  Since then the society has been getting more sour each year.  Such a rise in unhappiness accompanies  deteriorating economic and democratic background.

The proportion of individuals who mentioned that they were unhappy also rose from 13.1% in 2019 to 14.5% in 2020.  The bottom was back in 2003 when only 7.3% of the society was “unhappy”.

Level of happiness in general (%), 2003-2020

Among the male population, the level of happiness slide to 43.2% in 2020 from 47.6% a year ago. For females the happy portion that was 57.0% in 2019 now is similarly lower at 53.1% in 2020. Both sexes had reached the peak happiness level in 2011 with respective

The proportion of individuals who stated themselves as happy by sex (%), 2003-2020

Surprise surprise: The most happy are the less educated

When the level of happiness was analyzed by level of education, the highest level of happiness was among those who did not complete school with 54.4% in 2020. It was followed by individuals who were primary school graduates with 50.3%, high school and equivalent graduates with 46.8%, higher education graduates with 46.1%, primary education or junior high school graduates with 44.2%, respectively.

No comment needed here.

Level of happiness by educational level (%), 2020